Management Reporter 2012 does NOT work with SQL 2017

Management Reporter 2012 is currently not compatible with Microsoft SQL Server 2017. Hopefully Microsoft will get around to releasing a patch to fix this.

While trying to configure the Application Service, this error message popped up:


Here’s what the deployment log showed:

The database deployment failed. Additional information: Microsoft.SqlServer.Dac.DacServicesException: Could not deploy package. —> Microsoft.Data.Tools.Schema.Sql.Deployment.DeploymentFailedException: Unable to connect to target server.

These errors occurred while trying to deploy the latest release which is Management Reporter 2012 CU16 (release date: 4/28/2017 – version: ​2.12.16000.17)

SQL Server 2017 was released 10/30/2017. Since Management Reporter 2012 CU16 was released months earlier,  it doesn’t know about SQL 2017.

The latest Management Reporter patch (Management Reporter 2012 CU16 Hotfix 3858003 – version: ​2.12.16000.37) was released a month after SQL 2017 was released, but somehow they overlooked adding SQL 2017 compatibility to the patch. Configuration console produces the exact same error with this patch.

So for now, everyone stick with SQL Server 2016 while we wait for Microsoft to release the patch for Management Reporter.


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