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 Great Plains Support Dynamics GP missing DSN - 32 bit v. 64 bit ODBC/DSN If you setup a DSN for Dynamics GP but it's not showing up in GP, this article is for you. If you are on a 64 bit computer and add a DSN - by default you are adding a 64 bit DSN. GP needs 32 bit ODBC.

 Great Plains Support Changing your default Lookup preferences Tired of always having to change your default lookup? Now you can set your own personal default Lookup view.

 Great Plains Support Correcting Journal Entries Use the Correct Journal Entry window to back out posted transactions. When you back out a transaction, a new transaction is created using the debits and credits of the original transaction reversed.

 Great Plains Support Enter Recurring Cash Receipts Batches If you receive the same or similar payment amounts from your customers, you can create a recurring batch for your cash receipts to speed data entry.

 Great Plains Support Dynamics GP Email Functionality Using the e-mail functions in Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can embed documents in the body of an email or send documents as attachments. You can send a single document, batches of documents, or send multiple documents using lists.

 Great Plains Support Navigation Pane Overview You can use the navigation pane to move within Microsoft Dynamics GP without using a toolbar. Add custom buttons to get anywhere in GP with a single click.

 Great Plains Support SOP Process Holds You can use the Sales Process Holds Setup window to create process holds to assign to your sales documents. Process holds are user-defined restrictions that control the processing of sales documents at different stages of the sales cycle.

 Great Plains Support Process Concurrent Pay Runs Payroll has support for processing concurrent pay runs, accommodating organizations that have multiple payroll clerks who conduct separate pay runs for different departments or business units.

 Great Plains Support Dynamics GP Shortcuts Tutorial Use shortcuts to quickly open frequently used windows & resources in Dynamics GP. You can create shortcuts to favorite GP windows and get there quickly. Also useful for monthly & yearly closing procedures.

 Great Plains Support Clear Recurring Batch Amounts You can now clear the distribution amounts for all transactions on recurring batches after you post a batch. You can navigate through the distribution lines and enter new amounts for each period.

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