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Process Concurrent Pay Runs
September 29, 2010

Payroll has support for processing concurrent pay runs, accommodating organizations that have multiple payroll clerks who conduct separate pay runs for different departments or business units. As in previous releases, only one user at a time can calculate payroll checks, print checks, and print direct deposit earning statements. However, if another user now tries to perform one of these tasks at the same time, the processing request will be queued. You can use the Multiuser Payroll Setup window to specify the maximum wait time and how often the processing request will be retried.

  1. Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> Setup >> Payroll >> Payroll >> Multiuser button

    Process Concurrent Pay Runs

  2. Click on the Multiuser button

    Process Concurrent Pay Runs

  3. Enter in the Max Calculation Wait Time (minutes) and the Calculation Retry Interval (seconds)

  4. Click on Ok to save your input

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