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Terrapin Consulting is committed to maintaining long-term customer relationships by providing the highest quality customer service and support. Our team of qualified accountants, systems engineers and programmers possess certification levels that far exceed those required by Microsoft Business Solutions.


With Terrapin, you'll be dealing with an experienced CPA who is intimately familiar with Dynamics GP.


Project Management is practiced by seeing the "big picture" without losing sight of the fine details, ensuring that we deliver outstanding solutions that work on time, every time.

If you're not getting the 'Answers' you need from your Dynamics GP reseller (VAR), call us at 888.368.6670 or email us at accounting@terrcon.com - We can support you from anywhere, anytime.   Right Here - Right Now!

Accounting / ERP Services

Dynamics ERP

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Dynamics GP is our primary focus at Terrapin Consulting. Our experienced 'Accounting Services Team' can assist your accounting department with both the software and the actual accounting. You'll be dealing with a veteran CPA that knows the software instead of someone who knows the software but doesn't understand accounting.


We have consultants that have been working with Great Plains' since 1989. Our clients enjoy a wide range of support from assistance with simple technical questions to complex ERP implementations.
We are the Go-To company in the Carolinas for Microsoft Dynamics ERP support.


Business Needs Analysis: When Terrapin Consulting begins an engagement we first gain an understanding of and an appreciation for the business needs of our client. Only then can our comprehensive product knowledge be put to full use. Our solutions work because we - and our clients - are clear on the issues we are addressing.


Business Process Review: We have discovered that some ERP issues are best resolved, not with new software or hardware, but with modified processes. Business processes can become fixed in place long after the need they once addressed has disappeared.

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Software & Hardware Requirements Analysis: One size does not fit all.

Our clients obtain the greatest return on investment when system software and hardware are appropriately scaled to their needs. We consider not only the software alternatives but also hardware and communications requirements.

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Software & Hardware Integration: We do not disappear after the software is installed. System implementation involves much more than installation. New processes must be tested and refined. New procedures must be learned and incorporated into daily routines.


Project Management: Every client is different and every project is managed to meet individual needs. We can manage your systems project and provide a turnkey result. In every case, schedules, deliverables, and processes are negotiated and agreed upon before the project begins. Beyond completing a project on time and within budget, we make sure that surprises are kept to a minimum.

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Maintenance & Upgrades: At Terrapin Consulting we are working toward a long-term relationship. Business needs are not static. We will see that your systems remain up to date. As new products prove their worth, we will be looking for opportunities to enhance your capabilities.

IT & Development Services


Our experienced Network Team covers everything from the Enterprise Network down to the desktop level. You'll be dealing with certified veteran technicians who are concerned with finding practical, cost-effective solutions rather than simply throwing money at a problem. SQL Server, Exchange Server & Dynamics GP are specialties. Click here for more details.

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