Dynamics GP Shortcuts Tutorial

Download PDF version of this article. Shortcuts are displayed in the upper part of the navigation pane when your Home Page is displayed. If the navigation pane is not visible, choose the Layout menu and select Navigation Pane. Choose the Home navigation pane button to display your shortcuts and your home page. Use shortcuts to … Read more

Process Concurrent Pay Runs

Dynamics GP Payroll has support for processing concurrent pay runs, accommodating organizations that have multiple payroll clerks who conduct separate pay runs for different departments or business units. As in previous releases, only one user at a time can calculate payroll checks, print checks, and print direct deposit earning statements. However, if another user now … Read more

Dynamics GP Navigation Pane Overview

You can use the navigation pane to move within Microsoft Dynamics GP without using a toolbar. The navigation pane consists of the following items: Shortcuts: Choose the Home button to display your shortcuts in the navigation pane. Lists: Choose a navigation pane button that corresponds to a series to display the lists that are available for that … Read more

Correcting Journal Entries in Dynamics GP

Use the Correct Journal Entry window to back out posted transactions in Dynamics GP. When you back out a transaction, a new transaction is created using the debits and credits of the original transaction reversed. Any tax distributions and multidimensional analysis information also will be reversed. The source document code, currency ID, and transaction date … Read more