Dynamics GP 2015 Upgrade Paths

Currently there are two paths for upgrading to GP 2015:

Upgrading FROM: GP2010 SP4 or later = version 11.00.2248 or later
Upgrading FROM: GP2013 SP2 or later = version 12.00.1482 or later

Upgrading TO: GP2015 RTM or later = version 14.00.0524 or later

If you’re running an older version of Dynamics GP, here are your Upgrade Paths:
GP9 -> GP2010 -> GP2015
GP10 -> GP2010 or GP2013 -> GP2015

Remember! FRx does NOT work with GP 2013 or later versions & Management Reporter does NOT work with GP 10 or earlier versions. So you MUST migrate from FRx to Management Reporter while on GP 2010. If you jump from GP 10 to GP 2013 or later you, will lose all FRx reports.

Dynamics GP Version Chart:
GP10      = 10.x
GP2010 = 11.x
GP2013 = 12.x
GP2015 = 14.x
GP2016 = 16.x
GP2018 = 18.x


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