Dynamics GP Email Functionality

By using the e-mail functionality in Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can embed documents into the body of an email message or send documents as attachments. You can send a single document, batches of documents, or send multiple documents using lists. When setting up the e-mail functionality, you can select which documents you can send and which customers and vendors should receive their documents in e-mail.

You can send the following documents in e-mail.

Sales QuoteReceivables finance charges
Sales OrderReceivables warranty
Sales Fulfillment OrderReceivables service/repair
Sales InvoiceStandard purchase order
Receivables InvoiceBlanket purchase order
Receivables ReturnDrop-ship purchase order
Receivables Debit MemoVendor remittances
Receivables credit memo

A document can be sent in either an HTML, XPS, PDF, or DOCX file format type. You also can combine multiple documents to be sent in a single e-mail.

Sending customized messages

You can create predefined messages to send to your customers and vendors. These messages can be assigned to the documents that you want to send in e-mail so all customers or vendors receive the same message for selected documents. For example, you can send a promotional message to your customers when sending sales quotes in e-mail. You also can assign a specific message to an individual customer or vendor. For example, you can send a holiday greeting message to a customer. When you create a message, you can enter an e-mail address so your customer or vendor can reply to your e-mail.

Setup Customer Emails

  1. Open the Customer Maintenance screen (Cards>>Sales>>Customer)
    great plains
  2. Click on the Address button
  3. Select your customer ID and Address ID
  4. Click on the Internet Button
    support tip
  5. Enter the email address for this Customer/Address combination
  6. Click Save to save your changes.

Setup Customer Email Preferences

  1. Open the Customer Maintenance screen (Cards>>Sales>>Customer)
    tech tips
  2. Select your customer and click on the Email button
    dynamics gp email
  3. Select the options for this customer, including a Message ID and Format for the Form you enable
  4. Select OK to save your changes.

You can follow similar steps on the Vendor Maintenance window.

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