Enter Recurring Cash Receipts Batches

Creating a batch in Receivables Management in Dynamics GP

Use the Receivables Batch Entry window to create a batch. Each transaction in a batch must have the same origin. Entering and posting transactions in batches lets you group similar transactions during data entry, and review them before posting at a later time.

  1. In the navigation pane, choose the Sales button, and then choose the Receivables Batches.
    Creating a batch in Receivables Management
  2. Enter a batch ID, such as a combination of your initials and the date, to identify the batch.
  3. Select batch origin = Cash Receipts Entry.
  4. Enter a batch comment, such as a brief description of the transactions that will be entered in the batch.
  5. Select a frequency.
  6. Enter a posting date. The default posting date is the user date, but you can change it if the batch should be posted on a different date. (This field is available only if Batch is selected in the Posting Date From field using the Posting Setup window.)The posting date you enter here is the date the General Ledger files are updated. Your Receivables Management records are updated according to the date entered using the Cash Receipts Entry windows.
  7. Select the checkbook ID to be affected by the transactions in this batch.
  8. Enter any requirements for posting the batch, such as batch totals.
  9. Save the batch or submit it for approval, if you are using Workflow.

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