Changing your default Lookup preferences

Tired of always having to change your lookup preference in Dynamics GP? Now you can set default lookup views.

You can define and save a default lookup view for your master records by selecting the Set as Default View option from the View menu or using the right-click menu in the lookup window. The default view you select will be the view displayed when you open the lookup window the next time.

You can set a default view for the following lookup windows:

  • Items lookup window
  • Accounts lookup window
  • Employees lookup window
  • Customers and Prospects lookup window
  • Salespeople lookup window
  • Vendors lookup window

The default view is saved on a per user, per company basis.

  1. Open the master record window, here we will use the customer card for our exampleChange your default Lookup preferences
  2. Click on the magnifying glass by the customer IDchange your lookup preference
  3. Select the column header that you want your default view to be
  4. Click on the white down arrow highlighted by the red arrow above
  5. Select Set As Default View

You can also select to Exclude Inactive Customers!

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