Dynamics GP 2013 has a Web Client

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 has a new Web Client
There is a new way to remotely access Dynamics GP besides Remote Desktop and Terminal Server. With just a web browser you can have the same functionality as the regular Dynamics GP client’s basic modules (financials, receivables, payables, SOP, etc). Deploying Dynamics GP is much easier this way, especially for computers in remote sites. This is very useful for any company with multiple offices.

The Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Web Client runs entirely inside a web browser. Through the use of Ribbon menus, the web client is very similar to the GP client running on a PC. When exporting to Excel the file is saved on your computer (where it can be easily edited, emailed, etc)  as compared to being saved on the remote terminal server. This is very handy for anyone working remotely with Dynamics GP.

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Dynamics GP 2013 Web Client Features
SmartList Builder
Navigation List Builder
Excel Reports
SRS Reports
Word Forms
Report Writer Reports
Business Analyzer
Account Level Security
Web Services
VAT Daybook
Shipping Documents
Tax Rates
Document Attach
OLE Notes
Navigation Lists
Business Alerts
Bank Reconciliation
Fixed Assets
Cash Flow Management
Customer/Vendor Consolidations
Lock Box
National Accounts
Refund Checks
Safe Pay
Analytical Accounting
Multi-Dimensional Analysis
Scheduled Payments
Direct Debit Refunds
Multilingual Checks
Control Account Management
Interfund Management
Revenue/Expense Deferrals
Electronic Reconcile
Management Reporter Web Viewer
Advanced Distribution
Advanced Picking
Available To Promise
PO Approvals
PO Commitments
In-Transit Transfer
PO Generator
PO Returns
Extended Pricing
Landed Cost

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